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Four Point
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Default Sccy cpx-2 9mm

Does anyone have one of these 9's. Just looking for feedback . The one thing I have seen which is on youtube is the trigger pull very long. Looking for quality reliability. Not trying to compare to any other 9, I am more of a fit and function type use at the property, shoot a couple rounds threw it , use if i have to. just looking for what you like , dont like , would you recommend it or not.
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Eight Point
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I have carried a SCCY for quite a few years. Not sure what year they came out but it was shortly after that I got mine. Accurate as a small frame pistol can be, snappy but not terrible. I liked the mag holding 10 and the finger "tail" allows for me to get a full grip.

I think that it has gone bang every time I have pulled the trigger even with some cheap steel case ammo. If I have had any issues with it they were right out of the box before it was broken in and I did not have any work done to it. I have probably put 700-1,000 rounds through mine.

Story I got early on was this company was started by some employees who left KEL-TEC so the design is similar. Lifetime warranty too.

The trigger pull is long but that's what you get with a safe gun that has no external safety mechanism. Not too different than my wife's double action hammerless revolver she carries.

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Ten Point
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I had one I bought for my wife. It was a great little gun at a good price too. My wife is afraid of pistols bigger than a 22 so I traded it off but would recommend it.
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Ten Point
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have 2 and really like them
trigger pull is long but smooth
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Four Point
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I've shot my dads and it's a fine pistol for the price. $150-$200 from Palmetto. I wouldn't mind having an orange one for a deer lease sidearm.
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Pope & Young
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Had one for a little while . Was a nice shooting little pistol . There is a YouTube video to fix the trigger pull .
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