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Still Hunter
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This is so sad. There is an old saying that "Rivers flood and the good die young". Obviously these two died way too young.
Prayers out to the Powledge Family and prayers out to the health workers that tried so hard to save them and having to deal with the loss of their patients. These are rough times.
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Pope & Young
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Extremely sad! Prayers sent for Jody's and Cathe's families!
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Pope & Young
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Well, I just have to say this makes me sick. I missed seeing this when Burnadell posted. I did not know Cathe and only knew Jody from talking to him on a few threads. It would have been fun meeting her like I enjoyed “talking “ with Jody.
This whole dang China virus thing just stinks and I am sorry their family is going through this. Bless them all.
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Four Point
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Originally Posted by Burnadell View Post
Yes. I don't know why, but this Covid tragedy has torn me up more that any other that I know. I just don't understand how so many dismiss this virus as nothing to be concerned about!!!
Its weird, I know so many that have had it and no big deal but some it takes and takes quick almost like there are more lethal stains of this I guess everyone reacts differently. Most recent one was 9 days from diagnosis to death. I know of another case of someone who has had it twice, the second time it almost killed them, the first time they tested positive the symtoms were extremely mild.
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