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Post Long Draw Arrows-- Newbie

I recently went to a pro shop and had my draw length measured after 15 plus years of my bow (that I still shoot) collecting dust. They told me my draw length had increased from 30' to 32.5. I'm in the market for a new bow and I'd love any recommendations you might have (I'm considering a Moxie Origin). But my real concern was finding arrows... any thoughts?

Also, I had seen a hunting show not long ago where the host shot carbon arrows that had aftermarket metal weighted fletching/nock that screwed into the back of the arrow as a field point would the front. Has anyone ever seen or used these?

Thanks in advance and good luck in the woods!
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Did you grow another foot taller
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You will have plenty of choices on arrow shafts ranging from 300s, 250s or 200s depending on draw weight and tip weight. Just an FYI standard uncut shafts are 32.

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Originally Posted by az2tx View Post
Did you grow another foot taller
Same thing I was thinking

Get a tape measure, stand just far enough away from wall (door facing works) and hold end of tape against wall, pull tape back like you were shooting bow, hold finger on tape where it meets the corner of your mouth.

That will give you your draw length, have to subtract a little sometime depending on release, D-loop length etc
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As the others said above. Maybe need another opinion on that draw length. Unless you are like 6'6.

I am a 31" and have had the best luck with Carnivore 250 Spine and Easton Axis 260. The Axis are a little heavier, but the carnivore you can add more weight up front. Both performed great out of my E35 at 80+lbs and 31".

The PSE Freak is a great LD bow, E35 which I shoot. Obsession Addiction and Huaracon are great as well. At longer daw the bigger ATA bows make string angle a lot nicer.
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So are you like 6'8" or just have crazy long arms? That's the longest draw length I've heard of. No need to cut down arrows!

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I'm with others, unless you were drastically mis-measured originally, you probably aren't a 32.5" draw length; at least, it shouldn't have changed.

IF you are a 32.5" draw length you will be limited on bows, I know the Traverse goes that high as well as other Mathews bows, the Medalist, PSE has one or two. In reality, you are pretty limited and will just need to do the research, probably on your own, as there aren't many people in that draw length to tap into.

The fletching system you are asking about is NuFletch; they've been around a few years and also have a lighted nock system. I played around with it a couple of years ago but it didn't suit me; too much weight on the back of the arrow. However, if your draw length is that long the NuFletch system might allow you to tune arrows easier due to cutting the shaft shorter initially and adding more weight to the back. As Muddyfuzzy said though, you can get there with conventional building systems and arrows as well.
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Thanks for the info!

For clarification, I am 6'5" and I bought my current bow when I was 19 in 2001. So I guess I grew a bit since then. I will double check my draw length, but I was concerned when i thought my choice in arrows would be extremely limited.
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Im too am 6’5” and have a 32.5” draw length and shoot a 31” draw Darton 3800. Full length 31”ish Beman ICS hunters ride just fine...shooting with d loop and wrist release.

Funny thing is my recurve draw is only 28-29” lefthanded on 54#@28”. Righthanded...26”-27”...nondominant.

Plenty of shaft choices out there. Easton 5mm Axis come in lengths up to 34”

Good luck Vick.
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