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Nubbin' Buck
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Default Personnel Defense Optics

My truck was recently broken into and since then I have bought a Springfield Saint SBR for my quick response gun. I have it locked under the bed in a Hornady lay flat safe that I really like. my question to the green screen is what do you guys use for your optics on a personnel defense style gun. I am tempted to put some trijicon lighted apertures on my iron sites and call it done. My fear is that if I put a battery powered optic on it that I will either fumble with the switch or the battery will be dead when I need it. I have considered some of the dual illumination optics like an ACOG, but man they are proud of them. I wanted to ask the brain trust
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Mike D
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Many red dot optics have a 50,000 hour battery life and are activated by motion.

I have a couple of dual source RMR sights on my hunting pistols and like them a lot.

If you set up a red dot/reflex type sight system you can co witness with your iron sights in event of a failure of the optic.

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Hard to go wrong with an Aimpoint Micro series, I have a T1 that's been going strong for close to 10 years and it's been ran hard.

Not to say modern quality optics can't fail but they very, very rarely fail.

I have also heard very good things about the Trijicon MRO.

Get a good, high quality, Made in USA optic, replace the batteries every year on your birthday or a holiday and you can't go wrong.

The military treats their Aimpoints WAY worse than any of us will, so don't worry about them failing.
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I've got an aimpoint pro that I bought 10 years ago thats still on the same battery
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Even the best optics can fail. Add some irons on there as well and train with them. Train for the worst case scenario. All the above are great and battery life is incredible nowadays.
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How have y’all seen optics effect concealment? I have a Ruger SR9-C that goes everywhere with me, already have a holster too but have considered going to a laser. The red dot setups just seem so bulky.
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