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Pope & Young
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Default More help...Computer related - typing issues.

Ok, this is driving me crazy and it has been happening for some time.

I will say being a member of TBH has helped my computer typing skills greatly (see P&Y status folks) and not bragging can crank out some keys.

Now, here is what my computer does while typing emails ...hmmmm not doing it now typing fast on TBH? That let's me know if might be an issue elsewhere however it does it mainly typing emails but I have also noticed it typing documents on my computer offline.

Here is what is happening:
When I start typing all of a sudden the flashing line where the letter appears will jump elsewhere normally above the sentence to somewhere else on the page and print the letters there? Drives me crazy as I will have to move the cursor back to the end of the sentence I was working on and delete any typing I did above?


So why is it not happening while I'm typing really fast here for TBH?
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Six Point
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I have the same problem
Running Windows 7
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Are you by chance on a laptop with a touchpad? If so, the heel of your hand is tapping the touchpad which moves the cursor to a different location. I have that problem on my Mac laptop and my Dell laptop. Have to make sure I am using proper keyboarding technique.
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Are you using a track pad (touch pad) to move your cursor around? If you are, and its sensitivity is set to "high", every time you slight bump it that will move your cursor.
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