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Ten Point
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Default A Reason to Be Thankful..

Was driving home from work today south on Hwy 259. I'm in the RH lane doing 70 mph speed limit. Truck is passing me on my left, pulling a long flat bed trailer that had an old VW Bug and a 4-wheeler ATV on it. The ATV is at the back end of the trailer.

As it passed, I noticed the ATV slide back. Then the darn thing fell off!! One strap was still holding it as the ATV is swerving all over the road behind the trailer. I grab the brakes just as the ATV breaks loose, does a couple flips, lands on all 4 wheels about 15-yards in front of me, and the runs off the road.

Crap! That thing could have been in my front seat!! ATV parts were flying all around my 4Runner but I never took a hit.

The guy drove on, not knowing anything had happended. I pulled off to change my underwear.

Said a few thank you's to the Lord and the angels present. Will remember this latest of things to be grateful for while feasting on pecan pie tomorrow.

Wish I had that on video!!

Ya'll stay safe on the roads!
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Ten Point
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Reminds me off the 2 round bails that fell off 18 wheeler last week in Lampasas
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Eight Point
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Thank goodness you or anyone else was not hurt. My daughter and I had a similar experience coming home from the deer lease a few years back. Someone lost a mattress on the road and a cattle trailer in front of me ran it over and threw it up into the air and was coming right into our truck and trailer. I have no idea to this day if I looked in the side mirror to make sure no one was next to me, but God had to be watching over us and allow a safe passage to the other lane. I know it was not a atv, but not something we still wanted to run into. Everyone be safe this Holiday Season.

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Ten Point
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I watched a John Deere riding lawnmower come off a trailer and get smoked in downtown Dallas one day, we both had the same reaction
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Ten Point
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That was close. Glad you are ok. God is always at work.
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Pope & Young
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Wow Steve! Glad you didn’t take any hits or damage………..well, other than the soiled drawers, that is!!


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