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Originally Posted by Quackerbox View Post
Havent toured our place to see about acorns but my yard is full.
Ours also. Drive down the driveway and it sounds like popping popcorn.....lol!
Originally Posted by Snowflake Killa View Post
That place has always had the birds

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Does turkey season also open this weekend. Lots of them on my hillcountry place but I never fool with them.
Originally Posted by Tshelly View Post
Leased a small 38 acre piece in newton co thatís Bow only. Itís 4 miles from my big MLD lease over there. Main reason I grabbed this was possible sleeper and extra bucks plus my FIL is in a wheel chair. This will be a place could come up and shoot whatever with his crossbow, plus bring my nephews.

So fast forward to yesterday. Mowed and planted the big place then went over and checked the new spot. No roads but county and fm access, I proceeded to bust out two food plots pretty close to the county and fm. This would allow my FIL to park his truck then maybe 20-35 yard around down a mowed trail to his north and south wind set ups.

Busted out the first one and was on the second when caught the first trespasser. Apparently the neighbor did not like us there. We caught him coming out of the first plot. He had painted GO in big letters on the ground in red spray paint. Apparently he was writing Go Away when we rolled up on him. Lots of talking but I think we got it worked out but itíll be interesting to see how this progresses.

Spoke, 6 and 8 point with small drop on the cell cam there last night so it at least has deer lol

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Gee-zus..........what is the DEAL with these people????
Originally Posted by Gumbo Man View Post
No wonder the neighbor donít want you there. Nice flyer buck. Hope ya get an opportunity at him.
Yep, beautiful deer!
Originally Posted by drop dead fred View Post

Yup drove in and caught him coming out, he mustíve heard me pull in. I stopped him we talked, had to finally get stern and tell him We have the lease agreement. he was saying it belonged to a neighboring place multiple times Ö we shook hands I assured him no one would be ďshooting towards his babiesĒ. He leaves I walk 40 yards and see this still wet! Such chicken chit

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Hopefully he get the message as the game warden would be on speed dial otherwise!
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