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Originally Posted by ThisLadyHunts View Post
I don't know...if she were pro-democracy, I think he would have killed her by now.

exactly...I would focus on china if you want to understand the nest ruler of NK regardless of who's named.

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Phillip Fields
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Like I said it’s been awhile since I read up on her but pretty sure she didn’t live in NK, I think she had been living in Japan or some other euro Asian country. This isn’t fake news just what I remember and honestly all this staying at home and all my projects that couldn’t be denied any longer my Internet searching and reading other than the green screen is pretty much Nada.[/QUOTE]

Go back and reread the posts in this thread.
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Originally Posted by Smart View Post
Oh one week out of every month we gotta be worried about some crazy ***** hangin out around a nuke button..
Lol, you are right
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