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Default New to bows - Advice needed

I went to the local ďpro shopĒ today to try out some bows, but it didnít go as planned. I walked in and he looked at me and said itís gonna be hard to fit me to a bow. I told him I was new to bow hunting and he said I needed an entry level package bow.

I figured my draw length should be 30.5 to 31Ē, but the longest draw length he had was 30Ē. I shot it just to see, and it felt just a tad too short. I told him it was too short and he basically said tough luck, no one makes a bow with a longer draw length. I know this is BS, because Iíve been researching them online and Iíve seen them.

So I asked him about stepping up from the entry level to a higher end bow, if that would get me a 30.5 or longer draw length. He said nope, they donít exist, have a look at this cross bow, itís the only bow thatís going to fit you. Needles to say, I left there empty handed and will not be going back.

So now for the advice part. Can someone point me in the direction of some good first bows to look at that might fit me? I donít want to spend a ton of money, but I donít want to buy junk either. I donít necessarily want a package either. I donít mind putting things together to get me the highest quality I can afford. If it matters, Iím looking to stay around $1k or less, if possible.

Unfortunately, this is the only archery shop local to me. There are others, but theyíre at least an hour and a half drive.
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