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Originally Posted by Texas Grown View Post
Whitney is now releasing over 23,360 cfs. And for the record, all ACE projects on the Brazos system are releasing water.

Yea it's going to be very sketchy down here on this end for several weeks to come if not a couple of months.. We will maintain a high level until all of that water up there is finished coming down on us.. Not to mention what may fall out of the sky in the mean time..
Folks down here better be on full alert.. This one caught some off guard big time. It was a little worse than was predicted but a little can go a long way in these situations!!!

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Waco increased its flow release to 3847 cfs. and the lake has dropped approximately .5" since yesterday morning. Seems they are getting concerned about the weekend rains.

Best of luck and prayers for all that live on the Brazos down south.

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Its way down at 290. Somerville is releasing now also.
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