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Originally Posted by RShockley View Post
I will handle this as nicely as possible. Having your first post be a request for a spot to hunt normally doesnít go over very well. I will say checkout the maps and compare them with topo maps to pick a place to start looking. Only real way to find a good hunting spot is to put in the miles and check it out for yourself. Most here are happy to help with info regarding any other topic like tactics, things to bring, places to camp. However, most likely nobody is going to offer up spots they have scouted, worked hard for, and put a lot of miles in to find. I realize you are just asking for some help but Iím just trying to help you understand that this may not be the best manner in which to do it. If you have questions on specific areas like where to park, camp, or rules regarding certain areas feel free to ask those.
Well said.
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