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Pope & Young
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Default In want of some plat maps

For NW Iowa.

I did a DDG Search and a TBH search but couldn't find what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for a Digital Plat Map of NW Iowa.
I'm working part time here while helping with Dad. I'm working where he worked at the local Grain Elevator.
I'm driving a tender truck. Basically i carry bulk supplies and auch for the fertilizer spreading machine. When they run out they come to me and we refill it.

Anyways they use the plat maps and tell me which farm to go to. I'm not that familiar with the area. I've tried dropping pins on G maps but when I try and go back there it takes me to the center of town or the county courthouse..... I don't need a big state atlas for 2 or 3 counties.

Does anyone know of or use a Plat Map app?
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You could record GPS coordinates for locations you need to go back to and then enter them in map app when needed. That will not help for the first trip to the site so your plat map will still be needed.
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Ten Point
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Map out the location on Google Maps, take a screen shot. If you happen to have OnX, you can save maps for offline use, also. I found this site, not sure if it will be helpful...
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.243 WSSM
Ten Point
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This may help you out
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Pope & Young
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I've used this to get property lines and names of adjoining property owners.
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