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Default Winchester Coyote 25 WSSM

I have a customer considering parting with his M70 Coyote in 25 WSSM. I'm told the 25 WSSM is a fairly sought after rifle in some circles, but I can't find an accurate value on one. There are few listed for sale, the starting prices on auction sites are pretty high and zero bids. Does anybody have an idea of value on such a rifle in excellent condition, or where to market it?

He originally wanted me to rebarrel it to something with more readily available ammo, but the super short action with magnum bolt face limits him to wssm chambers and they are all about the same with regards to ammo availability.

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Ten Point
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IDK what the value would be, but probably gunbroker would get him a better price than a gunstore. Those WSSMs never took off so most people, like your guy, realize that getting ammo is gonna be a pain. If he don't want it he should probably unload it on GB or something like that as I really don't see them getting easier to sell. As i am sure you know, gun companies also have a habit of dropping ammo types as well when it becomes unprofitable and I have a feeling that the WSSM cartridges fall into that category.

My 2 cents anyway
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I have a 25 WSSM AR-15 upper with mags, dies, brass, and ammo that I would part with if anyone is interested. Drives tacks.
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