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Originally Posted by Hix View Post
I had a a set of Talley rings that Amazon said was lost in the mail. Last seen in DFW on the 13th... I assumed they were scattered along the interstate in the pile up.
They refunded me my $100 and I got the rings yesterday lol.

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Good deal that it showed up after all. Glad you will be able to reimburse them.

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Originally Posted by Rofd1374 View Post
I agree some mail carriers can be lazy ! Just like any company has their select few screw up employees! But on their defense the USPS cant deliver items aka packages, mail etc if they donít receive it theirselves. Here in the DFW area many businesses were shut down . Amazin , fedex , ups due to weather . Many had no electricity due to outages . Electricity is key factor to running conveyor belts and providing light to see to case the mail. Next is fuel many gas stations were closed and if not out of fuel . Fuel thats needed to run their mail trucks . With fed ex Amazon and ups closed as well due to the same problems . Its hard for them to deliver anything or much at all if they donít receive it. Airlines shut down or severe delays due to the weather as well. Trains delayed or shut down due to weather as well. They all take fuel as well which was scarce . But i get how many can be ****** . I agree like any company theirs bad apples lazy employees. But also you have to sit back and look at the bigger picture why mail didnt run in this one week
This ! I know First Hand !
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