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Default Cook and cleanse the detox recipes

Itís time to turn to the cleansing powers of hearty, energy-boosting breakfasts, tasty snacks, and satisfying, palate-pleasing lunches and dinners. These recipes are sure to help you fall in love with your new way of eating.

They ditch processed foods, sugar, salt, and additives in favor of clean foods whose vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber will restore your body to peak health, aid digestion, and boost your immunity. I use herbs and spices in unique combinations, so you wonít miss salt or sugar one bit. The recipes are so nourishing and well balanced that youíll never feel hungry, and they will help to kick any cravings you might have.

All the recipes are easy and quick to prepare, so donít worry about spending all your time in the kitchen if youíre not a master chef. Also, the prep is even easier and faster if youíre equipped with a couple of handy tools. Had you asked me a few years ago what Iíd spend extra money on, I would have told you clothes and makeup. Ask me now, and my response will be a vehement kitchen gadgets! Iím by no means an appliance junkie; in fact, my favorite cooking tools are my own hands. I donít think you need to invest in anything new unless youíre going to use it frequently. A lot of people have cupboards and drawers full of doodads but use only one or two of them regularly.

That said, if youíre inspired to start making smoothies, juices, and plant-based meals, I do recommend a few appliances to support this healthy lifestyle change. There are a lot of products on the market today, so itís hard to know what to buy without eating up your paycheck or accumulating unnecessary clutter. Iíve tried pretty much all of them, and here are the ones I think you ought to consider buying. Head over to my website to see updates on newer versions of products I use, because my favorite companies are constantly coming out with even better gadgets.


A food processor will do all your basic kitchen grunt workóchopping nuts, shredding carrots, pureeing vegetables, and more. Itís destined to become one of your favorite gadgets because of its convenience and versatility.
Iíve tried many different brands, ranging from low-cost to professional grade, and each has its place. Some features you wonít necessarily need; others can really make life easier, depending on what youíre making or the quantity. There are mini-models that blend sauces and chop nuts in smaller quantities, and larger sizes that do everything from slicing veggies to kneading dough to whipping up cream-style sauces. The larger ones will allow you to create just about everything from scratch.
They cost from $100 to over $1,000. You do pay for quality. For higher power, youíll typically pay more, too. The lower-priced ones wonít have as many features, but if youíre short on cash, itís not necessary to splurge. If this is your first food processor, go for a lower-priced one so you can learn how to operate it and figure out how much youíll actually use it. You canít really go wrong. My favorite brand is Cuisinart. KitchenAid and Kenwood are other great options with a range of features at different cost points. On the higher end, Magimix is an awesome European brandóitís an investment, but one I recommend.
Ask yourself what size youíll need. If youíre making food for one or two people, a 6-cup food processor is perfect. For a family, youíll need one thatís larger.


Many food processors now come with the power to blend foods into smoothies and soups, as well as perform their processing functions. Some have built-in blending functionality; others are sold with blending attachments. A combination food processor and blender is among the best purchases you can make, since it does double duty. The only downside is that the blender wonít be quite as powerful as a blender-only model.
Multifunction appliances are perfect if youíre a newcomer to kitchen gadgets. They can create salsa in seconds, make delicious green smoothies, and whip up a batch of frozen banana ice cream. Of all the appliances I suggest, this one will make your cooking life complete, especially if youíre on a budget.
The Vitamix and Thermomix are the crŤme de la crŤme, but, again, pricey. I have a Vitamix and a Cuisinart Elite Collection 14-cup food processor. The Nutri-Bullet is a great tool for making flours, blending smoothies, and grinding nuts; I havenít had as much luck making bliss balls, banana ice cream, and cauliflower rice with it, but it is an awesome and inexpensive machine that can process and blend most foods. Other great options are Ninja, Oster, and Hamilton.


When you progress from the 5-Day Clean-Food Detox to the Sharp Lifetime Diet, consider purchasing a juicer, if itís in your budget. Juicers donít need to be expensive; however, the slightly pricier brands will extract more from your fruit and vegetables, drastically improving the nutritional quality of your juices. Just remember that when you juice, green is the way to go. (Making juices that are predominantly fruit will spike your blood sugar and can lead to weight gain.) Keep in mind that a juice should be considered a supplement rather than a meal replacement.
There are two types of juicers: centrifugal and masticating. Centrifugal juicers pulverize fruits and vegetables into pulp with a cutting blade. They then spin the food at a high speed in order to separate the juice from the pulp. Masticating juicers crush the produce with an attachment that squeezes the juice out through a screen, while the pulp is funneled through a separate opening. Masticating juicers tend to maintain vital plant enzymes that can be destroyed by a centrifugal juicerís high-speed processing. Also, masticating juicers handle leafy greens, wheatgrass, and living sprouts exceptionally well, whereas centrifugal juicers cannot easily process their fiber but are perfect for cucumbers, celery, fruit, and produce with a high water content.
The manual Lexen Healthy Juicer is a great masticating brand, while the Prima PJE020 Juice Extractor is a fabulous centrifugal juicer, and both cost under $100. I personally like the Omega VRT350HD. Remember, the more you use your kitchen equipment, the better an investment it is. Juicers in general take up more space in your kitchen, not to mention they can be a pain in the butt to clean, but they are worth it if you love juicing or live somewhere where fresh juice is tough to find.


Good knives are key. You donít need to spend tons of money here, but you should invest in a paring knife, a chefís knife, and a carving knife, which will make your life so much easier. Donít worry so much about getting a super-expensive brand (the $30 ones are totally fine), but donít get the cheapest ones, either. My favorites are Maxwell & Williams and KitchenAid.
And hear me out: your dishware makes a difference. It can enhance your meals and make them more appealing. I recommend serving your food on white plates to accent the colors. Use smaller plates, too, to control portion size. IKEA and Target sell attractive dishes that are relatively cheap.
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Is this an info-mercial??

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Originally Posted by tcooper93 View Post
is this an info-mercial??

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It's a bot.
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