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Four Point
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Default Anyone with a pipe/tubing bender?

Anyone around the Hempstead/Waller area have a pipe bender and some spare time? I need a two metal circles bent, one about 4í and one slightly smaller and was hoping someone here could do it since I donít have access to one.
It can be lightweight square tubing, or even just metal conduit, nothing super big/heavy.

If you have one please pm me or post here and let me know how much you want to do it, thanks!

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Pope & Young
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Do you have the metal already?

Go by Hempstead Mechanic next week and ask Ryan. He has a pipe bender and may be able to do it for you. Tell him Trevor sent you
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Pope & Young
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I have one but I'm on the south side of Houston. It's a manual roller but I've rolled 1" pipe to about a 6 ft dia once. I only have dies for pipe.
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Eight Point
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Hoggslayer...Location: Manvel, TX mostly in the Doghouse

Now that's funny...
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