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Pope & Young
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Figuratively speaking. I have been looking at getting another recurve for several months and got a gift card for a referral I did last October, so hey I say, buy one.

I had looked at the Hoyt Satori, then a Bear recurve. Didnít want to spend almost $500 for just the riser and Bear, well just say they are hard to find as to what I was looking for.

So Sunday night doing some research on different bows and finally settled on the Win&Win Black Elk with 40# limbs (ILF). Ordered it and it arrived this morning. Went to Alvarado Archery and spoke with Steve and Tony and we got it ďup and runningĒ so I can start shooting. Itís been about 7-8 years since I shot a recurve, and I didnít have much time so just fired half a dozen arrows down range. I surprised myself when I put one in the nine ring, but didnít get to excited at the other five, but at least I was close at the 20-yard distance.

I have killed deer and other animals over the past 54-years with a recurve at one time or another and plan on shooting it a little everyday. I plan on taking it to The Javelina Hunt this year to try my luck, and to try to
put one over Dawgkllr who is taking his recurve this year.

This bow is 45# and 62Ē long. That is the only thing I donít like, thinking I wished it was a tad bit shorter

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Pope & Young
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Longer is okay. More forgiving generally. In a blind it can be limiting but I've shot a 62" sage from a Big Mike's blind just fine.

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60 Deluxe
Ten Point
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Congrats. I'm steadily moving longer. 62" is my minimum now, and I prefer 64". So much smoother and my arthritic hands like the string angle better.
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Pope & Young
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Default Pulled the Trigger

Welcome back, and have fun on that Javi hunt. Javis are Gods gift to a stalking bowhunter!!!


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Nice looking rig. I'd bet that longer bow shoots nice
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