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Ten Point
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Default Night Vision Monocular

The other thread about ‘what time do you get to your stand in the a.m.’ got me thinking..... one post mentioned watching in the dark with a night vision monocular before the sun comes up. That sounds like an interesting/ fun thing. What would be a recommendation on a brand/type with this as the purpose with cost as a factor? Any thoughts?

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Pope & Young
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I can’t recommend a good one, but I can tell you good ones ain’t cheap, or at least the cheap ones I’ve tried ain’t good......
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Nubbin' Buck
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I have a flair scout, enjoy it. U can you it to find your kill laying in the field to. Lots of YouTube on them
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Ten Point
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If there is any resemblance of a moon, I just use my binos or rifle scope and usually can see pretty good. You might not be able to make out distinctive horns, but I can make out deer vs. hog (and react accordingly ).
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Eight Point
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I've been using my brothers Pulsar that is a few years old. I will never hunt without it again. You can use it obviously at night, but you can use it all morning to see what is hiding out there. I've picked off a few bucks that were about to come out in to a small gap, so I could be ready. When you scan the field in the day light mornings, if you see a new white dot, it's something to keep on your radar. Also, you don't have to keep using the bino's all morning, just a quick scan with the Pulsar every few minutes and NOTHING will get by you.

Here is a supporting TBH'r here... his handle is ... Outdoor Legacy

Here's a thread...
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Pope & Young
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I used this exact tactic when I shot my buck this year...spotted in dark, watched him at feeder until 7:10 am, then shot him

Check out the AGM 384 product line

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