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Default Need help finding info on a gun

Hey guys I know some of you are into guns and have ways of finding out history and value and such. I love the ole Remington 1100 and have several because my grandfather had one when I was a kid that I thought was the coolest thing in the world. Anyway a good friend or mine who ainít a big hunter or gun guy hit me up and has came across one and bought it a few years ago and has never used it and asked if I wanted to buy it. Like I said I have several and usually $400-$600 depending. However just realized this is a left hand version so Iím a a loss. Here are the numbers and can get pics if necessary. Looking for all the info I can get including value. Has one number that has some weird symbol then DC84, then the serial number: N743472V. I would appreciate any help one of you crazy gun gurus can give me. Thanks boys
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The V denotes 2 3/4". On the barrel there should be a 2 letter code usually near the chamber you can use to determine month and year of manufacturer. Make a call to Remington. They can give you the date of manufacture and any other info they have. No idea on value.
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