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Default DIY Saddle Setup

I have noticed more comments and posts inquiring about saddle hunting. I wanted to post a write up on my saddle hunting rig for everyone now that I have been hunting out of it for a few seasons. I have been making modifications as I learn what works for my needs. That versatility is a major benefit to the saddle.

I have pieced together my version of the “poor man’s saddle”. G2 Outdoors Channel on YouTube was a great reference as a starting point when I was getting into it. I used the sit drag as my base and had a seamstress make the heavy-duty mods to it. You can find his channel here:

I hunt private in E TX, public in the Sam, and Private in S TX. Using it at the property in S TX is harder because of the lack of trees with the right size and caliper (limited to creeks). Give me any tree 6”-24” caliper and I’ll be up and settled in 20 minutes. You can’t beat that for public, and there is really nothing easier or more logical than the saddle. Using it on public hunts and in E TX have been a game changer for the mobility throughout the season and even throughout the day.

I hunted Aransas NWR Archery last year. This allowed me to scout and hunt at the same time. The set up is comfortable enough I can sit, change positions, and even nap. I have sat in the saddle for up to 12hrs a day.

I wanted to tally my purchases to what I have pieced together on my current setup.
Sit Drag 35
Seamstress 40
Ropeman 1 45
Tactical Bag 10/ea
(3) 30KN Climbing Carabiner 22
Qliplet Carabiner 18
SM Equipment Carabiner 3
25yd Polyweb 11
Tactical Belt 11
Climbing Rope 20
Hawk Hang Out Tree Seat 25
Black Diamond Etrier 45
Polyweb Daisy Chain 20____

My entire saddle set up, climbers, and platform comes in right at $300 and weighs about 10 lbs + Backpack, Bow, & SpiderWeb Harness

Additional note: The Element Podcast just had a good interview which is also a good intro to the saddle:
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in for this. gonna have to revisit after work. been looking at going saddle cant wait to read and watch this
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Lol, all along even in both threads I thought you guys were talking about hunting off horseback until I opened this thread! Pretty neat though!
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This is an awesome write up; tagging the thread for reference when I leave work..

Flash edit; what mods did you have seamstressed?
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Thanks for the write up. This is seems like a great set up.
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