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Default Scope set up

Question for you long range shooters, how do you set up the scope where the center line of the scope is in the center line of the barrel? Iíve asked a couple of people that shoot long range & they say it doesnít matter if the cross hairs in the scope is set to the center line of the barrel. And I just canít comprehend this. To me if the vertical cross hair is not in line with the center line of the barrel when you dail for longer ranges it would throw the shot to which ever way the the scope is twisted.
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When you set your zero, the windage you dial in should set that. This is assuming it's set with no wind influence. I have never really measured for it though. Just set my zero up and went from there. All of this is also assuming that your scope level is correct.
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You just level your receiver out and then your scope to match. Take it to the range and verify on a piece of paper by tracking your scope up and make sure it follows a vertical line. If it doesn't you tweak it till it does. There is a great youtube video on how to do this out there some where I will see if I can get it scrounged up after work

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I use this in combination with levels and then hang a plumb bob at 100 yards and line up reticle with string. You verify by dialing up 30 moa or so and seeing if shots still hit on vertical track.

I've used the bubble levels on Leupold VX-5 HD's and VX-6 HD's and the turrets (caps) are not level with the reticle. You'll discover this if using the electronic level in the VX-6's.

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