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Default Questions for the Kydex guys

Hey guys, I bit the bullet and bought a few sheets of Kydex because I'm tired of waiting on manufactures to make l/h holsters for my oddball pistols. I've done a couple of holsters so far and I'm not very pleased with the results from my homemade press, 2 pieces of 1" plywood, 2 pieces of 3" thick foam, and 2 ratchet straps. Not very high tech I know. The definition could be better and the outer edges of the holster are warped/wavy and I have to heat it up to straighten them up, causing me to lose more definition.

I'm using .080, cooking to 350, preheating the gun and foam, and have full compression within 15 seconds.

Could it be a foam issue?
Should I just buy a commercial press?
Anyone have any insight on vacuum forming?
Any supply sources I should be looking at? All my supplies have come from

I'm only building the holsters for myself so I'm not looking for the most expensive solution, but I do want to make them right. Any advice would be appreciated.
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