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Default Lease Problems

Got on a new place this year 300 or so acres, super low pressure with a commercial/corporate farm operation bordering three sides that does not allow hunting, and the property on the 4th side is not hunted. So, pretty low pressure and ample food supply. Cost was relatively low. I've got 4 mature (4-5 year old) 130+ inch deer on camera preseason and sporadically throughout the season so far. I only hunt when the wind is in my favor etc to try to minimize disturbance and maximize my odds at getting a mature deer.

The lease is a family sort of deal, my BIL leases the land for hay, then subleases the hunting. I am on it with the BIL's father. Trouble starts with the guy setting up blinds/feeders/cameras during hunting hours (often when I'm in the blind). They drive in close to their spot and park about 600 yards from my spot, hunt not matter what wind, all around sloppy tactics IMO. But, it get better: the original deal was that the father and his daughter could hunt and that was it, but his wife has shot a young 2-3 year old buck, and daughter (20 years old) has shot a second 2-3 year old buck. I'm all for people being out hunting, but these folks aren't new deer hunters. Common courtesy would be to avoid activity during times of peak activity especially when someone else is hunting. That and stick to the agreement. My goal is to shoot mature deer and try to improve the quality of the deer on the place since the area is virtually unhunted. My concern is that if BIL's dad takes a third young deer off the place, then that's 3 deer that don't make it to their prime in the years to come. To me, this coupled with sloppy tactics over the coming years will eventually degrade the potential of the property. I've approached the BIL about it and he agrees that these things shouldn't be happening but it put him in a bad spot to say something to his dad. I'm thinking I need to wash my hands of the place after this year.

My bother and I have talked over and over on plans for next year. Lease prices near us are over $1,500 easily for papermill land, a good place with oak bottoms with go for over $2k and approach $3k. With the rising price of leases over the past few years we've thought about going public but that comes with issues as well.

What are your thoughts? Are middle class folks being priced out of leases? Would you just deal with the poor management and sloppy tactics and hope for the best? What is a realistic expectation for a lease as far as rules/management and what would you pay for your expectations?

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