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Maddies Dad
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Default Pet Insurance recommendations?

For those of you w/ experience, do you have a particular pet insurance carrier or policy you would recommend? Our 18 week old Golden Doodle seems dead set on trying to hurt herself by eating anything she can fit in her mouth (glass, anyone?)
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Eight Point
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I did a lot of research before we found insurance for our new Golden Retriever. We went with Embrace. They had a lot of different tiers and price plans. They refund your Vet expenses in about a week.We chose one of the higher tiers for a safety net and it runs about 60 bucks a month.Some people say just put that money aside in a separate account. However, a catastrophic injury or illness can go into thousands of dollars.We lost 2 Goldens to cancer, so we know all to well how expensive Vet. visits and chemo can be. For us, getting an insurance on our new Golden was a no brainer.
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Pope & Young
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1)Get pet insurance now before the pup has any preexisting conditions!!!
2)even if u are on the fence about insurance costs, at least get insurance now and keep it for say the first two years. Young dogs really like to create problems.
3) read the terms, conditions, and exclusions yourself. Don't rely on a vet telling u they think it's covered.

I have two dogs, dog #1 got pet insurance at 2 years old and they deny every claim that can even be remotely related to a preexisting condition. I learned my lesson and dog #2 got insurance an hour after his first puppy vet visit. No preexisting conditions and everything except visits are covered 90%. I use trupanion and they are good and quick to deal with, but more expensive and take a hard line on preexisting conditions.
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Pets best has been good to us

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I have nationwide and it has been a lifesaver for my lab. I got the policy that covers wellness/health and injuries. It's a $250 yearly deductible and I have never had them deny a claim.
I would recommend you get the insurance before your pup gets older, they will not cover preexisting conditions.

Don't tell the vet you have insurance! I did that with my first vet and it seemed like they only offered the most expensive treatments and even treatments I don't need. I finally had enough when the vet recommended I get a $9000 treatment. I took my pup to another vet the next day and they could not see anything wrong. This was 3 years ago, I never went back. My new vet does not know I have insurance.

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Pope & Young
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I was told that “every dog carries mass cells”. Just had two cut off our five year old pit. If that’s the case how could any dog be covered because of pre-existing conditions?
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I have healthypaws for my German shepherds. I pay I think $98 total for both of them. They have different plans but knowing GS get hip problems I made sure the company would over it as some don't. Haven't had to use them yet (thank god) and had it for 4 years already. My dogs love to play fetch so incase they blow something out or get hurt I know they are covered.
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