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Originally Posted by Low Fence View Post
Something I’ve been thinking as of late:

There are 3 main hunting styles in Texas

1. “Bring deer to you”- basically sitting over some attractant/bait. If killing “a deer” is the goal hunting pressured deer, then this technique is proven. But has its cons; spooky, late/nocturnal, wind checkers, your pattern able approach and deer cutting your tracks

2. “Go to deer”- this is effective if you have done your homework and get a little lucky too. It also has major cons. It’s a one shot deal, no take backs. You go in to kill or nothing. Once your in there there’s no way out without bumping deer in there core safe zone. Once it’s compromised it’s done. On a small property you can ruin it for the season in one hunt... IF your onto mature deer. Some younger bucks and doe might tolerate it. I like this on big public land cause you got to break some eggs to make an omelette... I don’t want to run out of eggs

3. “Meet in the middle”- my favorite. Where did they come from and where are they going. Get on that path ( use TRAIL CAMERAS...on a TRAIL). Or burn a sit at a safe zone and observe movement. That’s where they want to be... without hunters influence. It’s how they survive! And you can hunt those areas safer and longer, with far more relaxed deer. Once I find a travel area I’ll use trees if I’m able, and drop them to force into a shorter “shooting lane”. If not they will pinch down somewhere
I’m curious to hear more about patterning pressured deer in the south Texas brush country with long senderos, and how tactics might differ, if at all, from the East Texas tactics discussed here.
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