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Default Levi-Bowlife TV big deer Cactus Jack

So I saw where he came down for the second year in a row and took a really nice buck on the CJ and posted to his instagram about his dream buck and the "lowfence" deer he had always dreamed of and of coarse on his post some guys posted that it is not low fence etc. and he fired back at them and I kinda summed it up that if Boone and Crockett, Pope & Young, and Texas Big game awards don't recognize it then it is likely not high fence...of which he quickly blocked and deleted my comment....the truth seems to hurt some folks and I could care less if you shoot a deer in a high fence or one that has had a tag but just call it what it is period don't try and make up some false claims about it just say it...I know that is most likely critical since most large sponsors wont allow TV shows to be filmed in high fences for obvious reasons as it is asking for trouble from activist groups but since now days we have to label deer as "pasture born" or whatever I am just tired of seeing people try and bend the rules for their narrative and it may just be me... regardless he shot a very nice buck scored 185" and it is a beautiful deer but just call it what it is !! Rant over good luck to everyone out their hunting and any harvest with a bow is a good one and well worth noting that!! Worth also noting he seems like a great guy hunts all over the country and I enjoy watching the show and to his defense he may not truly know the facts of the ranch that it had DMP at one time etc. ...Moving on

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