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Default Any Modelers On Here?

Another thread about model ships got me to wondering if there were other modelers around here. If so, show off your work.

Like a lot of guys, when I was a kid, I built model airplanes. Plastic mostly.
I built some WWII planes but my main focus was on WWI aircraft.
There’s just something about those primitive planes, and the men that flew them, that was special.
It was a heroic, bold, adventurous time for both man and machine.

This is one of my planes.
The Albatros D. II

I always considered this to be the best looking fighter of the war. Unfortunately it was not the best performer.
This was one of many fighters that Manfred Albrecht von Richthofen, aka The Red Baron, flew to become the leading ace of WWI.
This particular model is made of balsa wood and paper. I don’t use kits. I go online and find the blueprints for what I want to build. Then I have the prints size to the wing span I want to build too. Custom cut the balsa wood to the blueprint specifications and put it together.

I also make the wheels and engine from scratch. They are made from a high density foam that is very light. I carve and sand the individual pieces and then assemble.
This a reasonable facsimile of the Mercedes engine that was in this fighter. I was able to find the blueprints on line for this engine.

Behind the engine are the twin Spandau machine guns also made the same way.
This plane was built for rubber band flight. I never could get her trimmed out well enough to fly the way I wanted her to so I made her into a static display.

Thanks for looking. I’ll post more at a later date but I’d like to see if any else can show off some work.

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