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I was in a blind at a waterhole, in the Limpopo Province, near Thabazimbi. At about 4:50pm a really nice bushbuck came into the far side of the waterhole. Finally he committed to drink. He was at about 18 yards and perfectly broadside. I picked a spot, came to a solid anchor and let the string slide off my fingers. Thunk…. I felt my upper limb make contact with the metal roof of the blind. With a sinking heart I watched my arrow dive low into the bushbuck’s shoulder. It looked like the arrow centered the knuckle joint and I got almost no penetration. I got on the Radio and called Antonie. I told him what the hit looked like. We agreed that there was little likelihood we would recover him but we spent hours that evening and next morning searching. An interesting sidenote is that the Bushbuck is one of the antelopes that can be aggressive when pushed, so Antonie was prepared with his rifle when we were tracking. Since, in Africa, if you draw blood you have to pay the trophy fee, that bad hit had just cost me $900.
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