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Told this one to the crew at LOR last weekend, so they will have to suffer through it again if they are reading this...

I missed multiple(3!) shots at a P&Y moose, after a week of tromping around in frozen muck, and right before writing a 6k check for what resulted in being an expensive camping trip.

The moose never moved, perfectly broadside, and to add insult to injury, my Indian guard keep whispering "aim higher”...

As it turns out, That was the best missed shot(s), because I left Canada knowing that I was going to figure out an aiming system and a complete overhaul on my hunting equipment.

I am 100 percent convinced had I been shooting the equipment I shoot now, with the aiming system I now use, (instead of being hung up on a form of archery romanticism,)I would have a record book moose on the wall.
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