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Many years later, I was hunting the Aransas Wildlife Refuge. I was in my favorite area, which I won't give out that info. Just say you can't hunt there when the whooping cranes are in town. Basically you can't hunt that area, during rifle season.

I was sitting on a tripod I had made for that place. With my new at the time bow, I think it was one of my Dartons. I had camo on, then camo mosquito netting on top of the camo. The place where I was you had to take a gator trail to get there. That's how we met about a 9' gator 5:00 one morning. He did not like us using his trail. We got around him and went to our tripods.

So I am sitting on the tripod, with a mud hole in front of me, a little bit of water in it. Somewhere in the thick brush behind me is where the gator was hanging out, I was not worried about him. Sometime maybe about 7:30 that morning. A pig about 100 lbs. came strolling out of the brush and down to the little mud hole. I figured to get a drink. But nope, he wanted a mud bath. He waded off in the mud, sank down in the mud. His legs were completely buried in the mud, he was standing. So he sat his head on top of the mud and started to doze off. You can't miss on a shot like this. The pig is 15 yards away, basically dozed off. So this was just like target practice, no pressure, just shoot the bullseye. I drew, aimed and released. The arrow took a nice little left hand turn. Stuck in the mud right in front of the pig's nose. I could not believe I just missed, how? The pig picked up his head, looked around, sniffed my arrow for a bit and then decided, it was time to get out of the mud hole, not in a big hurry, but he decided it was time to leave. Not the typical black blur, the way pigs usually leave an area, after being shot at. So I went to try and get off a second shot quickly and figure out how I missed. When I reached for the string, I saw my left mosquito netting sleeve was wrapped in a big ball around the string. It was wrapped tight. There was not going to be any quick follow up shot. I knew right off why my arrow went way left. I had to take my mosquito netting jacket off, fed many mosquitos for about 20 minutes as I tried to get the mess of mosquito netting unwrapped from the string. Amazing how fast you can have such a big mess, when things go wrong. Never saw anything out of that spot the rest of the weekend.

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