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Its hard waiting on a call that you know is never gonna come, It was hard going to the axis lease knowing he would not be there. Its hard looking in the pass seat of my truck and not seeing that goofy grine knowing he was up to something and I'd pay for what ever it was. It was hard setting up blinds that you know he was the last one to be there and take it down. It was hard drawing my bow and aiming at a really good axis buck , touching my release then whispering this one is your Brother and letting my bow down and watching the buck slowly walk off. It wasn't hard crying like a baby not because I let the buck walk but because he isn't here with me. It will be hard to go to San Ang to a place we built together for almost 10 years, made it a great place to hunt and now he isn't there. Its hard to sleep all night and not wake up thinking about how this could happen. If I could have one wish... I'd take his place, and never think twice.

" Its called hunting not killing" J.D.L......he isn't resting he is finding us a place
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