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Originally Posted by ttechdallas View Post
They are not identical forms of comparison by any means, but let's face the facts. The mobile Dak was sacked 58 times last season, 11 more times than the much less than mobile Eli. So let's not pretend Zeke had stellar line play while the O-line took plays off when Dak threw the ball.

They are not forms of comparison at all. Dak holds the ball and takes sacks, Eli gets rid of it...what happens after that doesnít seem to concern him.

Iím not saying Zeke isnít great, but the overwhelming odds say that he wonít be in 3 years, at which time all you guys would have him making ~13-15 million, while some 3rd rounder yet to be drafted is taking his snaps. You guys are not paying attention to the trends of the league!

Heís under contract for two more years, he can show up to work, or he can **** all the way off to buffalo or the jets.

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