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Originally Posted by TacticalCowboy View Post
Plinking, hunting, training, matches… whatever you’ve used it for, how many rounds have you put through your AR(s)?

What brand?
What parts have been replaced from wear?
What do you primarily use it for?

My no-name home built gun has 7-10k rounds through it. DPMS upper receiver, DPMS BCG, CMC trigger. I did swap the original barrel around 5k, as accuracy was falling off and I wanted something lighter.

I did use it hard and heavy in three gun for awhile, but now it’s mostly a truck/hunting/all purpose rifle.

What about you?
Probably only 1,500 ish through my primary AR. Was shooting heavy for awhile then had kids, and the current ammo prices/issues have dampened the number of rounds I shoot, though I still go about every other week.

Main wear items would be gas rings, ejector and extractor springs, and I’d imagine at some point hammer springs. I know cam pins can break as well but usually show cracking before they go, so clean and inspect it. Make sure the gas key and gas block are still tight also.
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