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I have a few two point slings for my ARs. For my 20" barreled rifle, I only use the two point slings, with the push button quick detachable swivels. I have those mounted on the left side of the gun.

On my two carbines with collapsible stocks, I have installed a ambidextrous, single point sling loops. So far, I really like that style sling for my carbines. Then I have a single point sling, with a quick release hook on the end.

If I am carrying my back pack, whatever rifle I am carrying, is strapped to the backpack. I have found that is the best way to carry a rifle, and not have it sliding around, and banging on rocks or whatever. I have climbed many hills in the past, with a rifle. Using a sling over my shoulder or across my chest. I never could come up with a way of keeping the rifle from sliding around and hitting rocks.

When walking to a stand, with one of my carbines, I found the single point works great.
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