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It's a bad deal no matter how you slice it...a buddy on the deer lease is going to loose 28 acres south of Weslaco of family farming land going back generations. He understands the plight better than any of us & has some unbelievable stories of mules sticking cell phones in his face with the attempt to talk to the mexican boss & being forced to deal with plata o plomo.

Now it's not just 28 acres of dirt but 28 acres of dirt that make $$$$ year after year...he has lawyers working out the issues, but the wall is coming regardless.

Biggest nonsense is the federal refuge land crap where a lot of the bs happens...this is where the battle gets really stupid. You can google 'Bentsen State Park Butterfly Center & the Border wall"

These federal refuge lands have been the biggest joke where a ton of the illegal traffic happens but BP has limited to access...pretty frustrating. We are our own worst enemy.

Mark my words, this round of current $$$$ going to the wall down here in the rgv is going to work & you are going to see a nasty upswing towards Zapata & webb counties in about two years. Then the cycle will continue I hope as something has to be done. The wall combined with a complete overhaul illegal immigration policy has to happen to stop the bleeding. Glad the wall is a first step.
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