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Originally Posted by Artos View Post
It's really not the AOC's and Bernie's out there that concern's the pure idiotic emotional voters that put them into office who petrify me.

All you have to do is look to reagan or trump, thank Ohio. Hate Obama or carter then look to Ohio. To date, that state has voted in every potus we have & how those idiots can swing one way to the polar with such different views tell me that voters in general have no principal beliefs they care clinging to. All based on emotion, immediate satisfaction & also why mid-terms have a swing.

We are gonna be so screwed at some point.
I saw something recently, I canít remember where, but basically itís some kind of change to the election process thatís going to give Ohio less weight than they carry now. Youíre absolutely right there is no reason at all that that one state should decide who the president is.
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