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Originally Posted by jer_james View Post
Its funny to make fun of the young lady's looks, and then realize it is in defense of Donald Trump.

Not a bad speech at all. I dont particularly care for him, but that's just because I can't get the you're fired reality TV thing out of my head.

Democrats yelling GOP. GOP yelling back at Democrats is a problem someone has to solve. The labels are stagnating the entire country.

Nitpicking on the fact checks are nauseating. They've turned into exactly what they hated about the whole "birther" thing.
Yeah, looks is only skin deep. Stupidity is to the bone.

Hereís the deal. She is an elected congresswoman. She is an admitted socialist, with a socialist agenda. You can call it labels, or whatever else you want. You say itís stagnating the entire country, I say itís a very real threat to the very fabric of our country. We are a Constitutional Republic. We have absolutely no reason, nor obligation, to compromise with such idiotic beliefs. God Bless America!
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