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Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
Here's a comical scenario I dreamed up yesterday that could play out-

As Everyone is being seated for the address- They roll out RBG, prop her up in her chair and make her look somewhat healthy.

Then when Trump is hitting the high points to his base and middle roaders they have RBG take a spill.
She rolls out of her chair and requires immediate medical attention.
The paramedics load her up on a gurney and off she goes- stealing all the attention paid to the SOTU in the process.

A week or so goes by with the MSM only talking about her fallout instead of anything said at the SOTU, then a vitamin B12 shot later she pops back out as healthy as can be expected at her age.

Doubt it will happen, but I wouldn't put anything past the DEMs to further hinder Trump at this point.
Cameras these days are are pretty high def and we would see the strings connected to her arms and legs I dont think they want any cameras on her during the event..
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