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I threw my 4x scope to my eye and had enough time for one big breath. Squeezed the trigger as my lungs emptied and the deer began his retreat into the brush. His rack was already concealed when he performed the tell-tale mule kick indicating that he was hit GOOD. As if I willed him in my direction, the deer turned towards me and made his way onto the berm where the doe were still feeding. (Rifle is suppressed).

I knew he was hit well but all four legs were in tact and he was still moving pretty well. Instinct told me to send another round his way. He lumbered towards me as I put a second in his chest/neck area. He dropped, face-down, where he stood and gave one last kick before expiring.

Less than 10 secs from when the deer was spotted (by me), he was dead in sight. Dadrian was literally jumping with excitement. Not gonna lie, I was right there with him. My biggest deer to date. By far.

Upon his arrival, Tom was elated for me. Repeated how awesome of a deer it was. Huge bodied (for down there), tall tines, brows, age, etc. Had it all. Everybody was on cloud nine. What a weekend! Then it was back to camp for the dinner that was waiting. Cochon du Lait

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