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Very good write up, I tell new shooters all the time practice with purpose. By that I mean pay attention to every detail of the shot breathing, grip, anchor, sight, release and follow through. Be it a compound or trad bow no step is to be ignored. I liken archery to golf for some to understand the concept. Watch a Pro Golfer, every shot is planned with the same routine followed visualize the shot, execute the prep/routine and follow through the process and if something is wrong back off and do it again

The OP in this post describe a lot of my shooting, though I have never competed in any tourney or competition I do have great respect for those that do. I am left eye dominate and shoot right handed. I don't really shoot past 30 yards with my Trad bows, as I keep my hunting shots inside that preferring to keep them inside 20 yards if possible.

Something I learned through trying different things to find what works for me, I don't stay at full draw but a second or two often times less. Concentrate on the target spot before and while drawing, hit my anchor point glance down at the arrow and run the eye along the shaft and when I get back to the target looking along the shaft release. that little step is to me where the subconscious takes over and by running my non dominate eye along the arrow it takes over and I do not have to shut my dominate eye to hit the target. I will say that as I have gotten older the dominate eye is not as over powering as it was when I was younger and I had to shut it to hit anything,

The Trad bows I hunt with are Bear Kodiak Magnums, short bow for someone with a 29 inch draw but I really like the feel of these bows and shoot them better than any other recurve bow I have tried, so I will stick with them, to avoid finger pinch I start drawing with one above and 2 below the arrow but release the top finger and actually release with two below with the index finger pointed basically at the target. Avoids finger pinch and is just what has worked for me.

Thanks again for a great informative post.
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