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I've been hunting dang near all my life but have only been a bowhunter for 15 years. I've killed countless deer with a rifle and never lost one but have only taken 8 deer with my bow. I consider myself very accurate with my bow out to 40-50 yds. With that said, I have lost two deer in my 15 years of bowhunting. The first was a doe at 46 yds during the very first season with my bow. I had been practicing religiously and made a great shot on the doe. I learned a huge lesson on patience that season. She dropped only a few yards from the shot and I didn't see her moving so I climbed down after only a few minutes only to jump her up. Lost blood after 100 yds and looked for hours without success. The second one was last year when I took a quartered to shot that I knew I shouldn't take. It would have been my biggest buck ever taken with a gun or bow and I let my excitement cause me to make a bad decision. The hit was high and the buck survived and was shot on youth weekend on another property. I don't think I've ever lost a hog that I tried to find. I'm also curious what the actual percentage is on whitetail deer. I also wonder how many hunters make a bad shot and then never tell anybody.
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