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Default Musing during the return

I stopped bowhunting probably around 2006 or 7. Not really sure. So, I quit shooting my bow.
A couple of years ago, I purchased a compound, a Mission Riot with the intention of returning to bowhunting. I didn't catch the fire so I didn't shoot it much
Late last year I was getting the itch to just shoot. I finally, in early March, ordered a inexpensive target bow setup. 23" ilf riser with short 28# limbs. a 66" bow. I only have approximately 26" draw length(DL).
I got it to start all over. About 20 minutes in I discovered that my memory was still there....all bad.
I still had my remnants of target panic, freezing or what ever that stupid aflliction is and a semi sloppy release. Despite those maladies, I killed 3 of the 4 whitetails I shot at. I know that's low numbers, but I started Bowhunting in the late sixties, before climbing tree stands, before compounds, before a whole bunch of advantageous apparati. I got the light weight bow just to work on form. It's a good thing.

Been shooting it about a month and ordered a F161/261. Someone on here said they had one by the origianal designer, mine is a Chinese clone. Didn't know an American designed and built it. With the 17" riser it makes a 58" and since it gains 8#'s for shorter riser and I lose close to 6#'s for short draw I shoot 30#'s with the 60" setup. Have some 44# limbs on order.

Today, I got to playing with my finger pressure with the tab just to see what things would do. I always used more index finger pressure and the "below" fingers didn't apply much pressure at all. I started putting more pressure with the middle finger. Well, that really played havoc with my arrow flight. They' d come out tail high and adjust the nocking point didn't really do a whole lot of correction, at least consistently. So, I unstrung and increase my tiller by and 1/8" up to 5/16" approaching 3/8". Surprisingly that straightened things up pretty good, but the bow became more noisy. Checked the brace height(BH) and it was kinda low at 7 3/4". Twisted her up some to 8". Quietened down pretty good.

Further pondering brought a thought to my head....there's a interactive relationship between nocking point, brace height, finger pressure, center shot not to mention the release and the arrow spine/head weight and I like traditional archery because it's so simple.
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