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Originally Posted by Slicefixer View Post
Yep....[emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]...100% One of the most overlooked changes that's occurred over my lifetime is the universally accepted definition of "afford".....

My Ford dealer hunting buddy recently told me this. The number 1 concern of the vast majority of his customers is one thing...."what's the payment?" A Toyota master mechanic also told me recently that Toyota is now offering 10 year financing....10 years? On a vehicle?

Financing a business is understandable and quite often necessary, an absolute. 15/30 @ 2%/3% on a home is understandable, but, 10 years on a vehicle....boat....etc?

I just have a hard time getting a handle around this "stacking debt" mindset. However, it's not any of my biz....

IMOP, it ain't going to end pretty for a lot of folks....
......and when it ends badly they will blame everyone but themselves!!!![emoji856] I definitely look to pick up some "fire sale" homes come the 2nd quarter of 2021 if projections come true. Could be worse than 2008.......[emoji2962][emoji15]

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