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Originally Posted by spotsanddots View Post
We actually have the vinyl plank in our house. When its over the entire floor its different than looking at a strip. And its dang bear indestructible. We slide furniture to clean floors. Let dog Walk in with wet feet (lol). Only drawback so far is, they put it down directly on the cement. Its got a little cushion, but otherwise its pretty dang hard. But we like it.
I agree. We had it in our home in Georgetown for probably 12-15 years. Raised a couple of kids on it and had indoor dogs (one was a lab). We had it in the living room, down the hall and in both kids rooms. It survived the kiddos and pooches remarkably well. Sold the house last year with that flooring in it w/o issue. Would it be my first choice in flooring? Probably not, but if I still had a house full of kids and dogs Id install it again in a heartbeat.

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