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Default TYHP Turkey hunt

This is petty, but itís aggravating. TYHP is a great organization and Noahís been on lots of hunts with them. Hereís my rub.

They posted a turkey hunt for the weekend of April 2-4. We applied and Noah was selected. He was pumped because, while he shot turkey with his rifle on a deer hunt last year, heís never been on a real turkey hunt. A short while after receiving the notice of selection email, the huntmaster contacted the six kids selected noting they made a mistake and didnít realize that was Easter weekend. Thus, they were going to change the date to the following week. UGH!

This is the only weekend Noah has had available due to his high school sports schedule all year so we had to decline.

My issue is that everybody applied for the hunt knowing full well what weekend it was. TYHP did the selections and then afterwards we were notified of the changed dates. I know itís just a turkey hunt and not worth getting worked up over. We will apply again next year if his schedule allows. It would have been a fun weekend...

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