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Originally Posted by curtintex View Post
Lately, there have been a plethora of threads where someone expressed an opinion and then came under fire for that opinion. Almost immediately, because of the overwhelming opposition, they take the defense of "I guess someone can't have an opinion around here".

Sure. Anyone can have an opinion about anything. Each person's opinion is as valuable to them as the next guy. Everyone thinks their opinion is correct and should never be questioned....But this isn't real life.

Whenever you state your opinion, especially in writing, on TBH or anywhere else on the world wide web, you should be prepared to defend it. I don't have to agree with your opinion, but there is no harm in questioning it or even disagreeing with it. If you don't want the opposition, then maybe keep it to yourself where it doesn't need defending. It's childish to think that one could put their opinion out there and not have people with an opposing view comment on it or question it.

That being said, I can typically disagree with someone without calling them a dumb ***.....I mean I don't, but I can. We should all probably disagree more amicably, myself included.

My Dad has a saying about opinions and excuses...."they're like *****holes. Everybody has one and most of them stink". So have an opinion, everyone should have an opinion on each and every subject, but if you state it then be prepared to defend it and if you cannot, then your opinion is probably not based on fact or actual circumstances. Your opinion is not sacred ground. Neither is mine. Having an opinion doesn't make you above reproach, matter of fact, stating it invites reproach....get used to it.
Is it ok to have the opinion that gut shooting pigs and letting them run of ok? Asking for a friend.
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