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Originally Posted by 60 Deluxe View Post
Time is your friend. If I ever figure out how to live 600+ years, I'll invest a penny. LOL
8% compound interest is the kicker. There were a few years that it was easy to get that but with today's cheap money Federal Reserve Bank rates, sub 1% is much more common. When people can get thirty year mortgages in the mid 2% range, 8% is not realistic without big risk.
I sure get the OP's point in regards to saving and totally agree.

However, with 30 trillion in debt (that we know of.... audit the Fed and it's probably double) 8% is a bit unrealistic.

If the Federal Money Fairy handed you a $100.00 per second it'll be 320 years before ya got a trillion. These a-holes in DC spend it like it's "found money." Which, to therm, I guess it is......

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