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Default Ozona PRE RUT Hunting!

Loaded the family up and headed west on Monday. Stayed the night and visited with Grand parents in Boerne then got up and finished the drive Tuesday morning. The wife and I hunted Tuesday evening with 1 year old while our toddler hunted with his “papi”. First hunt was slow with 2 does and a button buck. I would assume the baby making a lot of noise didn’t help our case. Clayton and his Papi saw a lot more deer then us I think 13 does and a young 8. Anyways jump ahead to Wednesday leave the baby at camp with his GIGI and wife gets the job done while Clayton slept in my lap with his ears on and never budge. I recorded it and how cool this video turned out!! If you slow it down you can see the bullet mid flight then the impact.

With rut not kicking of quite yet this trip turned into a meat and selected the does we have been watching for about 3 years. Hopefully I will able to get back out in the heat of it.

It has been a really dry year and it is still dry there they need rain bad!

Here are some pics hope you enjoy the video!

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