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We had a great trip. We saw a ton of does and fawns and a couple of spikes. The bigger bucks were a mystery on this trip during the daylight. We spotted a group crossing the tops early in the morning from about 500 yards away and got the spotting scope out and verified there was a spike in the group so we followed them until getting busted by a close by mulie so we slowed down which caused us to loose the group with the spike, however we did have a good idea of where they were headed. We made our way and started glassing those canyons. From about 8am to 2:30 we didn't see much at all until my buddy spotted an ear in a bush at 300 yards... Upon closer inspection this was our spike! We watched for a lil while to see where the others were but they were just too buried up to spot. They were getting up and feeding in short periods and rebedding so we decided we needed to make a move on them. I stalked down to 60 yards from hand signals from my spotter. I could not see them but he put me in the perfect spot as we kept constant contact with one another. I sat down and waited them out for about an hour or so and he finally signaled they got up and I immediately spotted them slowly feeding towards me. I got my range finder on him at 42 yards, he slowly quartered towards me, I drew, picked a spot and settled my 40 yard pin and squeezed the trigger... As soon as it hit him I knew he was mine. I looked back and Justin yelled "YOU GOT HIM!!" He ran maybe 75 yards and crashed hard. It was just amazing. All the MILES of canyons we hiked over the years had finally paid off with a public land mule deer we got together. I couldn't have done it without him as this was a total team effort.
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