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A couple of things to note that I have not seen mentioned. I just finished doing a graduate level literature review on Intermittent Fasting. And in my search through scientific journals, 2 things stood out.

1. Males on an 16/8 Intermittent Fasting diet, and lifting weights 3 x day showed very favorable results in terms of body composition, HOWEVER their testosterone and IGF-1 anabolic hormones plummeted!!!!


"Total testosterone and IGF-1 decreased significantly in TRF after 8 weeks while no significant differences were detected in ND (normal diet)"

2. High Intensity Exercise has been shown to INCREASE testosterone in previously sedentary males.

"The present data indicate a combination of preconditioning, and HIIT increases TT and SHBG in sedentary older males, with the HIIT stimulus accounting for a small but statistically significant increase in free-T."

So, if you want to help your Test levels, get on a High Intensity Exercise program.

HIT helps my symptoms greatly.

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